Sunday, December 4, 2011

All the others have a birthday

 We also celebrated Sissy, Bubba and Little Bro. birthdays. For Sissy and Little Bro. we stayed at home and ate cake and ice cream. Bubba was lucky enough to talk us into going to 
Chuck E. Cheeses with some of his cousins.  

Bubba excited about his Batman set
Enjoying Costco cupcakes
Bubba is my funny boy. He likes to make people laugh. He is easy to get along with and makes friends very easily. I love listening to him tell me about school everyday. 

Right now Little Bro is really into Trains
He wanted a Halloween cake
Little Bro. is so much fun. He is a talker and loves to play outside. I love spending time with him.

Hubby decorated her cake this year with Oreo cookies

I love Sissy she is a huge help. I am always asking her to do things and she hardly ever complains. 

The Baby turns 1

The Baby finally turned 1. He loved his birthday or at least enjoyed it. We went to my parents house and celebrated with them and my brothers family. 

Not at all a good picture of me. Look how happy he is with his present.
He is a true boy loves balls and cars. 

This year I let the older kids decorate the cake. They picked the colors
and the firetruck with sprinkles.

I am so blessed to have this little fellow in my life. He is so happy and such a joy to have around.

Big Bro. Turns 7

In our family we only do big birthday parties for the kids every 3 years starting when they turn 7. This year that meant that Big Bro. finally got his big party. It started out with him wanting to do a Halloween Carnival but then at the last minute he decided to do a Lego theme party. It was a lot of fun coming up with Lego games and treats.

Big Bro. Putting the head on the mini-fig.

The group working on building                                     

I made the Pinata myself this year. I think I will be buying from now on.
I am just not crafty enough to make it.

His Lego cake. Not what I pictured it would be, but the 7 year old boys liked it.

I love having Big Bro. our family. He is a very good example to his younger brothers and is very good with taking care of Little Bro. when I need help. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A year really !!

I've looked at my blog from time to time thinking that I should update it, but just kept putting it off. I came and looked today and the last time was a year ago. Where has the time gone. I guess for the next few post it will be catching up on the last year (and what a year it has been).

Monday, December 6, 2010


This weekend we went on a family field trip. Okay we didn't really call it that but I think that's what it should be called because that's what it felt like. It was a day a way from the house and having to cook and clean and do the same old stuff. So to me it was a field trip. Anyways, We took a trip down to Bisbee to see the mines. Before going on the tour of the mine Hubby had mentioned that there was a hot dog place that sold the best hot dogs ever. After searching and searching we finally found it. It really did have the best hot dogs and chili cheese fries also. After lunch we headed back to the mine to go on a tour. With this tour you have get to wear a lovely yellow coat, a miners hat, and a big flashlight. Even with all that stuff it was still a lot of fun. When we arrived we got the usual comments of "wow you have a lot of kids". And the looks from people who were probably thinking "great we have to go with this loud group". However by the end we had people come up and tell us how well behaved our children are. I was very proud of my kids for being so good during the whole tour. The kids loved being able to have flashlights hooked up to them. Lil' Bro. didn't have a flashlight but he still loved just looking around. The Baby slept almost the entire time which was really nice although he was getting really heavy or at least that's what Hubby said because he was holding him almost the whole time.  After Bisbee we headed to Douglas to find the family cemetery of my great grandparents. It was a crazy to try and find the cemetery because the only directions we had were written in 1973 and a lot of the names of ranches had been changed since them. But with a little luck we were able to find it. Finding the cemetery was amazing it has been the families since 1906 and although I don't personally know anybody buried there it was nice to think of them all as family.

Me and the kids

John and the 2 oldest boys

The family after the tour

My great-grandmothers headstone

my great-grandfathers headstone

my great-great-grandparents headstone. She was born on the same day as me.

The best hot dog place ever.