Sunday, December 4, 2011

All the others have a birthday

 We also celebrated Sissy, Bubba and Little Bro. birthdays. For Sissy and Little Bro. we stayed at home and ate cake and ice cream. Bubba was lucky enough to talk us into going to 
Chuck E. Cheeses with some of his cousins.  

Bubba excited about his Batman set
Enjoying Costco cupcakes
Bubba is my funny boy. He likes to make people laugh. He is easy to get along with and makes friends very easily. I love listening to him tell me about school everyday. 

Right now Little Bro is really into Trains
He wanted a Halloween cake
Little Bro. is so much fun. He is a talker and loves to play outside. I love spending time with him.

Hubby decorated her cake this year with Oreo cookies

I love Sissy she is a huge help. I am always asking her to do things and she hardly ever complains.